6 Diseases You’re Most Likely to Take home When You Retire..

  WHEN YOU FINALLY DECIDE TO RETIRE…The one hidden Misery behind your Retirement Package.. If you are an employee (like me) and you wake up early in the morning, get into… Read more »

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10 Facts Every Woman Should Know About Cervical Cancer.

GET EVEN WITH CERVICAL CANCER TODAY!  Lets be honest! Cancer is one of those diseases you never even think about until you, a close relative or a friend, gets diagnosed… Read more »

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Legalize FGM! -The Most Bizarre Call for ‘Gender Equality.’

  WHY KENYAN MEDICAL DOCTOR WANTS FGM LEGALIZED AGAIN.. So this one bright morning I wake up with my moods all pumped up to battle the Monday morning blues and since… Read more »

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Shisha- Why Kenyans Should Celebrate the Recent Ban.

  THE GOOD AND UGLY SIDES OF THE RECENT +254 SHISHA BAN.. The recent ban of water-pipe tobacco smoking, commonly known as ‘hookah’ or ‘Shisha’ in Kenya, reminds me of my… Read more »

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Straight From Your Dermatologist! Top-5 Skin Care Tips.

  YOUR DERMATOLOGIST’S TOP 5 SKIN-CARE RECOMMENDATIONS. There are things your dermatologist wishes you could stop doing to your skin, and there are those he wishes you could do instead…. Read more »

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Top-10 Health Benefits of Lemon

            HOW TO BENEFIT FROM LEMON AT THE COMFORT OF YOUR HOME. They say; “When life gives you lemons, squeeze them and make lemonade out of them.”  Yeah! Maybe a lemon… Read more »

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