Shisha- Why Kenyans Should Celebrate the Recent Ban.

  THE GOOD AND UGLY SIDES OF THE RECENT +254 SHISHA BAN.. The recent ban of water-pipe tobacco smoking, commonly known as ‘hookah’ or ‘Shisha’ in Kenya, reminds me of my… Read more »

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Straight From Your Dermatologist! Top-5 Skin Care Tips.

  YOUR DERMATOLOGIST’S TOP 5 SKIN-CARE RECOMMENDATIONS. There are things your dermatologist wishes you could stop doing to your skin, and there are those he wishes you could do instead…. Read more »

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Top-10 Health Benefits of Lemon

            HOW TO BENEFIT FROM LEMON AT THE COMFORT OF YOUR HOME. They say; “When life gives you lemons, squeeze them and make lemonade out of them.”  Yeah! Maybe a lemon… Read more »

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Janet Kanini’s Emotional Message Before She Succumbed to Lung Cancer.

  As a healthcare ambassador and one who wanted to use her own personal experiences to change the attitude of other victims of terminal illnesses (such as cancer), this was… Read more »

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NTV’s Janet Kanini Succumbs to Lung Cancer!

  LUNG CANCER IS A ROBBER. DEEP SORROW! Hearts are broken once again! Young, beautiful and innocent souls are left motherless in a world where nothing can take the place… Read more »

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The 4-Ingredient Cocktail that’s Purely Infection-proof!

KEEP INFECTIONS AWAY WITH THIS DELICIOUS COCKTAIL.. There are those days when I wake up early in the morning and I neither fell like taking coffee, nor the normal cup… Read more »

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