5 Ways to Accomplish Your 2018 Fitness Resolutions (..this Time Round!)

MAKE YOUR NEW YEAR’S FITNESS GOALS STAND THE TEST OF TIME.. Voila!! 2018 is never too late! The new year has finally come and we all know it’s another time of the… Read more »

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Flexibility Stretch Challenge.

HOW MUCH FLEXIBLE ARE YOU?   Hello fans, hope you are doing as awesome as I have been. So this weekend, I decided to take a twist and find out… Read more »

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10 Reasons Why You Can’t Lose Weight Yet.

  LOSE WEIGHT FASTER WITH THESE 10 SIMPLE HACKS.  Your gym instructor has probably given you a thousand weight-loss tips, your friends have advised you to follow their footsteps, and google has already to told you… Read more »

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5 Essentials of A Motivated Workout.

BOOST YOUR WORKOUT MOTIVATION WITH THESE 5 LITTLE TRICKS. How many times have you wanted to workout so bad but there’s a part of you that feels so lazy, so not… Read more »

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Squats Make You Sick? Try This Simple Butt-shaping Move!

SEXY BUTT WITH JUST ONE MOVE.. Have you ever looked yourself in the mirror and whispered; “If only that butt was a little bit  bumpier and curvier than that!” Or… Read more »

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How to Get Rid of Love Handles Faster.(10 Secrets)

BURN LOVE HANDLES FASTER WITH THESE 10 SIMPLE TRICKS. Love handles/spare tire can be small and cute, while others are big, saggy and ugly. Either way, I don’t think any… Read more »

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