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6 Ways to Change Your Life Before Breakfast (Book Review)

PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT IS THE KEY TO HAPPINESS AND SUCCESS. Hello friend, Let’s talk personal development today. Have you ever sat quietly and questioned why some people in the world live… Read more »

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Janet and Lovely kids

Janet Kanini’s Emotional Message Before She Succumbed to Lung Cancer.

  As a healthcare ambassador and one who wanted to use her own personal experiences to change the attitude of other victims of terminal illnesses (such as cancer), this was… Read more »

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Lovely Janet

NTV’s Janet Kanini Succumbs to Lung Cancer!

  LUNG CANCER IS A ROBBER. DEEP SORROW! Hearts are broken once again! Young, beautiful and innocent souls are left motherless in a world where nothing can take the place… Read more »

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How to Beat The ‘Growing Old Syndrome.’

THE MAGIC PYRAMID OF STAYING AGELESS! I remember back in my teenage days when birthdays would come with an overwhelming, exciting feeling of being a year older, adding one more… Read more »

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Why I Started Blogging -My Hemorrhoids Story

I NEVER STARTED BLOGGING FOR FUN! “Experience is the best teacher,” they say, and my experience with Hemorrhoids surely taught me one of the best lessons I would never have learnt otherwise,… Read more »

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