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Food seduction

Food Seduction and How to Break It.

         DO FOOD IMAGES GET YOU SEDUCED? LET’S BREAK THE HABIT TODAY! New research has shown that the growing obsession with images of ‘sinfully seductive’ dishes contributes to you feeling hungrier than normal, hence over-eating or over-spending on foodstuff… Read more »

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The 4-Ingredient Infection-proof Cocktail.

KEEP INFECTIONS AWAY WITH ONE DELICIOUS COCKTAIL. There are those days when I wake up early in the morning and I neither fell like taking coffee, nor the normal cup… Read more »

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3 Common Dangers of a Low-Carbohydrates Diet.

  HOW YOU RISK YOUR HEALTH BY MINIMIZING ON CARBOHYDRATES. How many times have you been advised to cut on your carbohydrates intake in order to lose weight? A common… Read more »

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Why I Started Blogging -My Hemorrhoids Story

I NEVER STARTED BLOGGING FOR FUN! “Experience is the best teacher,” they say, and my experience with Hemorrhoids surely taught me one of the best lessons I would never have learnt otherwise,… Read more »

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Orthorexia; When ‘Healthy’ Becomes an Unhealthy Obsession.

  TOO MUCH OF ‘HEALTHY’ IS  SOMETIMES UNHEALTHY. What are the odds that the more you struggle to maintain a healthy diet, the more harm you do to your body? Apparently, trying… Read more »

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