Straight From Your Dermatologist! Top-5 Skin Care Tips.

  YOUR DERMATOLOGIST’S TOP 5 SKIN-CARE RECOMMENDATIONS. There are things your dermatologist wishes you could stop doing to your skin, and there are those he wishes you could do instead…. Read more »

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The Magic Pyramid of a Happier, Ageless You!

HOW TO BEAT THE ‘GROWING OLD’ SYNDROME.. I remember back in my teenage days when birthdays would come with an overwhelming, exciting feeling of being a year older, adding one… Read more »

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Dark Days, Long Nights and A Swollen $h*t-hole! My Hemorrhoids Story

WHY I STARTED MY HEALTH AND FITNESS BLOG.. “Experience is the best teacher,” they say, and my experience with Hemorrhoids surely taught me one of the best lessons I would… Read more »

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