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Lovely Janet

NTV’s Janet Kanini Succumbs to Lung Cancer!

  LUNG CANCER IS A ROBBER. DEEP SORROW! Hearts are broken once again! Young, beautiful and innocent souls are left motherless in a world where nothing can take the place… Read more »

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The 4-Ingredient Infection-proof Cocktail.

KEEP INFECTIONS AWAY WITH ONE DELICIOUS COCKTAIL. There are those days when I wake up early in the morning and I neither fell like taking coffee, nor the normal cup… Read more »

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striking doctors

The Longest Doctors’ Strike in Kenya (2017)

  KENYANS SUFFER FROM A PARALYZED HEALTH SYSTEM. The abnormally prolonged doctors’ strike in Kenya (over 3 months now) has paralyzed the healthcare sector so much that everyone wishes it… Read more »

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How to Beat The ‘Growing Old Syndrome.’

THE MAGIC PYRAMID OF STAYING AGELESS! I remember back in my teenage days when birthdays would come with an overwhelming, exciting feeling of being a year older, adding one more… Read more »

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How to Get Rid of Love Handles (10 Secrets)

BURN LOVE HANDLES FASTER WITH THESE 10 SIMPLE TRICKS. Love handles/spare tire can be small and cute, while others are big, saggy and ugly. Either way, I don’t think any… Read more »

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