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6 Ways to Change Your Life Before Breakfast (Book Review)

PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT IS THE KEY TO HAPPINESS AND SUCCESS. Hello friend, Let’s talk personal development today. Have you ever sat quietly and questioned why some people in the world live… Read more »

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Lose weight fast

10 Reasons Why You Can’t Lose Weight Yet.

  LOSE WEIGHT FASTER WITH THESE 10 SIMPLE HACKS.  Your gym instructor has probably given you a thousand weight-loss tips, your friends have advised you to follow their footsteps, and google has already to told you… Read more »

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Workout motivation

5 Essentials of A Motivated Workout.

BOOST YOUR WORKOUT MOTIVATION WITH THESE 5 LITTLE TRICKS. How many times have you wanted to workout so bad but there’s a part of you that feels so lazy, so not… Read more »

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Butt-shaping workout

The 1 Simple Butt-Shaping Workout (Forget Squats).

SEXY BUTT WITH JUST ONE MOVE. Have you ever looked yourself in the mirror and whispered; “If only that butt was a little bit  bumpier and curvier than that!” Or… Read more »

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Janet and Lovely kids

Janet Kanini’s Emotional Message Before She Succumbed to Lung Cancer.

  As a healthcare ambassador and one who wanted to use her own personal experiences to change the attitude of other victims of terminal illnesses (such as cancer), this was… Read more »

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