Katie Reinah here, or Katrina if you like. My fans call me the online doctor. I’m a huge health and Fitness enthusiast and anything that touches on health/fitness wakes up a sleeping nerve in me.

The fitness part is my favorite, though. I personally advocate for NATURAL health and NATURAL fitness. By natural, I mean that which is not achieved by any form of drugs/medication/supplements/pills/surgery or any other form of enhancement.

You and I know that we live in a society of instant gratification and quick-fixes and that’s the reason why I receive several inquiries concerning weight enhancement pills, slimming tea, energy drinks, nutrition supplements and every other ‘enhancer’ that promises quick results.

As you can guess, my response is always “Don’t use them.” My 365-days-a-year policy  always remains: “Go Natural, Go Safe!”

In this blog, I have put up several articles addressing weight issues (weight loss, weight gain), nutrition, healthy eating, body toning and other stuff concerning our general wellness. The aim of my blog is to help you create a better relationship with food, create peace with your body, workout at the comfort of your home, discover the best version of you, and to make you love yourself more.

I started this journey as a result of my personal experience with a lifestyle condition after which a decided to sensitize the world about healthy living. In this journey, I got you. Consider me your personal coach and we shall go miles together. I’m always available for any enquiries.

To wrap it all, always strive to be a better version of you each and everyday, love yourself first before expecting second-hand love, and learn to let go of the things you cant change.



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