First Time Pregnancy: 10 Important Lessons I’ve Learnt From It..


Heeeey ya’ll! It’s been a minute since I last posted something here. Needless to say, but I guess you can already predict why I’ve been MIA for quite some time now. We’ll I been battling with morning sickness! Ooh yes! Some little surprise but I’m very much pregnant right now!

When I first found out I was pregnant, (that was like 4 months ago), it was a mixed feeling of excitement as well as fear of the unknown. My partner and I never anticipated for it but well, nature took its course and we both embraced the idea positively as God’s plans.

You see, somehow when I turned 26, my motherly instincts started popping out and I remember how every little baby I saw looked so damn cute to me and I wanted to hold them forever. I knew I wanted to be a mother as soon as God would allow me to.

Somehow this is how your biological clock tells you it’s time to get your own.

But what happens when it comes at a time when it was the last thing on your mind? When you were just busy pushing through with your hustles and planning how you’re going to fire your boss next year?

You’ll agree with me that it brings with it some kinda anxiety, stomach butterflies, plus a whole bunch of lame questions. Is it really the perfect time? I’m I really prepared for this task of motherhood? I’m I financially stable enough? What about the work-family balance? Will I really be able to crack it down? The questions just never cease to trickle in!

Look, I’m here to tell you this; there is never a ‘perfect’ time when it comes to babies. Any time a baby comes is the perfect time for that particular baby. Whether it comes many years later after marriage (for those couples who have been trying to conceive for so long) or whether it comes before your partner ‘puts a ring on it’. Get it out of your mind that there will come a perfect time for you to have your own mini you. God’s time is the perfect time and every baby comes with their own blessings.

So, look up to heavens and say ‘thank you!’, embrace the gift and enjoy the journey.

Up to now, in my 2nd trimester of pregnancy, I’ve been able to pick up some important lessons and today I’m here to share them with you;

                                                               Lessons Learnt.

 first-time pregnancy

Lessons learnt from first-time pregnancy

1.It’s all in the mind: Immediately I tested HGC positive, I started feeling having some perceived feelings. All of a sudden, I could feel my stomach a little bigger, started getting sensitive to stuff I accommodated well before, got very lazy and sleepy most of the times just coz I knew I was pregnant. Then I came to realize that it had just gotten into my head and I was perceiving things that didn’t even exist by then.

Here’s the point, most of the things you feel when you’re pregnant are all in your mind and its possible to control them.

2.It changes your relationship with your partner: Pregnancy definitely affects the bond that’s between you and your partner in one way or another. One couple will develop so much love for each other during this time while another couple will develop resentment towards each other. This varies according to the woman’s hormonal changes.

Sometimes I don’t wanna see even the hem of his cloth while sometimes I  don’t want him to go a centimeter away from me.

3.Hormonal imbalance is over-rated: I get really mad when I’m genuinely complaining about something offensive my boyfriend has done, and his defense is always “that’s just hormonal imbalance disturbing you!” really? Why? Why do we have to blame every move of a pregnant woman on hormonal imbalance? Listen, we are just pregnant (carrying babies), not mad women!! We still have the potential of making sane complaints, sane decisions and sane judgements.

4.Folic acid and Iron supplements are your best friends: I started taking these supplements right in my first trimester and they’ve helped me a lot. They help keep your blood hemoglobin count in check, prevents anaemia and other complications that may come with child birth.

When you start using these supplements, you’ll notice your body becoming stronger. You get more active with reduced levels of fatigue and increased appetite for food. Make them part of your daily diet as soon as possible in your pregnancy journey.

5.Food cravings are for real: You will crave anything from sugarcane to boiled groundnuts, to snake soup, to raw fish and even banana leaves…lol! Just know how you deal with your cravings.

And this brings us to our next point.


6.Eating healthy is necessary, but not a priority: Everyone knows that its quite necessary to eat healthy during pregnancy. Doctor google, your Anti-natal caregiver, your bff, your sister and even your grandmother will tell you to eat lots of fruits and veges. But what if you just don’t feel like eating them?

What do you think I’ll go for if you fill my fridge with oranges and bananas but all I’m craving for dinner is chicken wings? you guessed right!

7.Pregnancy kinda breeds more love: Have you noticed how people kind of become so nice to pregnant women? I’ve noticed people becoming so nice to me of late. I don’t know if they’re actually nice to me personally or they’re just nice to the little thing am carrying?

Friends are always like “how’s you and the baby doing? How big is the baby bump now?” They hang up and your elder sister calls “What have you taken for dinner? I hope you ain’t going to bed on coffee and biscuits like you used to.” Then goes your mum, “when is your next anti-natal visit? Are you taking the supplements faithfully?” and small siz is like “Has the baby started kicking yet? When are we going for a photoshoot?”

Point is, when you have supportive and positive people around you, pregnancy feels so awesome!

8.Your body changes – A lot! 3-4 weeks into the pregnancy and your body will never be the same again. So, you just have to adapt to these changes. Some of the changes you’ll experience include;

– Fatigue and kinda lazy feeling most of the times.

– Nausea/vomiting especially in the morning (I had very little of this, thanks heavens!)

– Excessive salivation (I still battle with this in my 2nd trimester)

– Excess stomach gas/bloating (especially at night)

– Cramps/Abdominal pains (Occur occasionally)

– Too much sensitivity to smell (I literally ditched perfumes & colognes)

– Sore, tender and enlarged breasts. They keep growing every day so gal, you gotta go shopping for bigger bras ASAP. The one’s you have are soon going to get too tight and uncomfortable for you.

– Frequent urination (too many trips to the bathroom)

9.You grow with it: Feels weird seeing yourself grow a bigger ‘potbelly’ each and every day and you can’t do nothing about it. Yeah! Sometimes you will want to try and hide it but guess what, with time you outgrow the weird feeling and it becomes a part of you. You just grow with it and get used to it somehow.

10.It’s generally a beautiful feeling: Aside from the body changes, occasional icky feeling, outgrowing your figure-hugging dresses and the daily bulging of the tummy, it generally feels so good knowing that you are carrying around life inside you.

I can’t wait to feel my baby start kicking, to feel it playing so I can talk with it. I just can’t wait for the remaining 4 months to be over so I can hold my precious mini me in my arms. May God give it good health even as we keep waiting.


Which ones of these experiences can you relate to? And what did you learn from your own experience of first time or subsequent pregnancy? Share with us in the comment box below……

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