6 Diseases You’re Most Likely to Take home When You Retire..


WHEN YOU FINALLY DECIDE TO RETIRE…The one hidden Misery behind your Retirement Package..

If you are an employee (like me) and you wake up early in the morning, get into your car or rush to catch the early morning bus to beat Nairobi traffic (and your boss’s wrath), sit your @$$ in the office chair all day long, get up in the evening to face the traffic back home again, get home, make dinner and head straight to bed, wake up the next day and repeat, repeat! the burning question is… 


“What do you think your retirement package will look like when you finally decide to retire?” Read on……

From the nature of my job, sometimes I sit and wonder what would happen to me 10 years from now if I would continue working for my employer all my life. By the time I get to my desk, there is always a huge hip of work already waiting for me to sort out and the only short breaks I can often get before lunch are a few trips to the washroom.

The one thing I’m absolutely sure about is that the more I continue working, the more I’ll continue living broke for the rest of my life because my employer’s money and my bank account are like poles that repel so bad. Trust me!! I get paid on the 30th, and one week down the line, I’m already trying to live frugal because I ain’t sure whether what’s left after paying a bunch of bills will sustain me till the dawn of another 30th. (Com’on! There are enough broke employed people in this city already so I hope this doesn’t sound strange at all!)

Secondly, I dread the next few years of my life because I know fully well that having my ass fixed on this chair for a straight 9 hours except for a-few-minute breaks isn’t doing my health any good.




Can you relate to this picture? If you can, this post is just for you!

sedentary lifestyle

sedentary lifestyle


Ever heard of a sedentary lifestyle? What does it involve?

Sedentary lifestyle is a life that’s devoid of regular physical activity or has very minimal physical activity in a normal day. It mostly involves long hours of sitting and is getting common in the modern world due to technology. Many of us can stay glued on our phones, televisions, and computers for hours without getting up to any physical activity. End results? Sitting diseases. Yes, they are called sitting diseases because you know why…..



Initially, most of these sitting diseases where associated with gross habits such as smoking and drinking alcohol but now, even people who have never smoked a puff of cigar get affected due to their sedentary lifestyle. These conditions reduce the quality of life and make your life miserable! I mean, there are places you can’t travel to, food you can’t eat, drinks you can’t take, you just can’t enjoy life like a normal person when these lifestyle conditions finally catch up with you!

Sitting diseases include;

  • obesity
  • diabetes
  • high blood pressure
  • stroke
  • coronary heart disease
  • heart attack e.t.c.

And when you finally decide to retire, you wont go home with just you pension, but also one or two (or even three!!) of these lifestyle diseases if your going to live like a couch potato all your life! This is the hidden misery behind what you employer will give you as a goodbye package.

So, like me, if you don’t want to go home with a disease on top of your happy retirement package, why don’t you consider changing you lifestyle? Like having a 30-minute workout/jogging session after work, opting to walk instead of driving for short distances, having a weekend workout routine, or just short breaks at work to jog up and down the stairs? Think about it!


 And we still wonder why most old/retired people die of these specific diseases. (#sigh!)

Now think about this:

“will you finally retire to spend the rest of your life in a hospital bed?”

Uh-uh! not me!!

Let’s hear you out if you can relate to this ordeal..



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