Nominated for The BAKE AWARDS 2018!!

Voila my People! The Bloggers Association of Kenya (BAKE) finally released the list of nominees for Kenyan bloggers awards and guess what I’m excited about? My blog (Yes, this very blog) is among the 5 blogs nominated under the category of BEST NEW BLOG!

Will you vote for me? Yes, darling, I know you will. (wink<->>)

Voting is as simple as ABC. You only need to visit or simply CLICK ON THE BADGE BELOW to go to the voting site. Once you get to the voting site, scroll down to the 9th category and select the 1st option ( You can select your other favorite blogs before submitting your vote.

You can vote only once as voting will be limited to one vote per person.


Once you have voted, you will receive an SMS verification code through your phone number (From InforAlert), then you will insert the code sent to you in order to  verify your vote. Don’t let your vote go uncounted.

Please vote for my blog, It’s the first option in category 9 – Best New Blog. You can also vote your other favorite blogs as in the list below.

Don’t be left out. Vote today, vote Now!


Full list of nominees in the BAKE Awards 2018

1. Best Technology Blog

2. Best Photography Blog

3. Best Creative Writing Blog

4. Best Business Blog

5. Best Food Blog

6. Best Environmental Blog

7. Best Fashion and Style Blog

8. Best Agricultural Blog

9. Best New Blog

10. Best Corporate Blog

 11. Best Topical Blog

12. Best Sports Blog

13. Best Entertainment Blog

14. Best Education Blog

15. Best Travel Blog

16. Best Public Health Blog

17. Best County Blog

18. Best Religious or Spirituality Blog

19. Best Lifestyle Blog

  1. Best Beauty and Hair Blog

21. Best Video Blog (Vlog)

22. Best Social Issues and Active Citizenship Blog

23. Kenyan Blog of the Year

Vote your favorite blog today by clicking onto 

Don’t forget to vote in category 9 – Best New Blog.


Thanks in advance for supporting me through your vote!

When I win, my people win too!!

EACH SINGLE VOTE COUNTS!Help me more by SHARING this post with your friends(after voting)

#KeepFit, StayHealthy, LiveHappy!!




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