The Simple Skin Type Test-Are You Dry, Oily or Both?

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Skin types are as individual as personalities and can change with seasons, diet, stress conditions e.t.c Nonetheless, there are four types of skins; the normal skin, the dry skin, the oily skin and the combination skin (dry/normal, or oily/normal)

Answer this simple questionnaire to find out in which group you fall.


1.When you wake up in the morning your skin is?

a) Tight and dull looking

b) Shiny and oily

c) A bit oily in the T-zone (forehead, nose and chin) or uncomfortable in the cheek area.


2. How often do you need to powder your nose to prevent the shiny look? (if you’re not wearing a powder foundation)

a) Never

b) It seems like I always need to apply

c) Once a day, or more often when its sunny


3.How often do you need to wash your hair before it feels oily?

a) Twice or three times a week

b) Everyday

c) Every other day


4.What kind of foundation do you wear?

a) A creamy formula

b) Powder makeup

c) Liquid foundation


5.Which of these is your favorite skin-care product?

a) A rich moisturizer

b) Blotting papers

c) Lightweight lotion


6.How would you describe the condition of your skin?

a) Uncomfortable – dull, itchy, flaky.

b) Problematic – tends to breakout often and is flaky at times

c) Pretty good – Sometimes a little oily around the T-zone and sometimes a little dry in the check area.



If you answered more A’s, your skin type is dry. Dry skin is characterized by a feeling of tightness, looking rough and scaly due to lack of oil (low sebum production) This may also occur temporarily due to sunburn or climate change.

People with dry skins have to frequently use moisturizers to help alleviate the dry feeling.



If you answered more B’s, your skin is the oily type. This is normally characterized by a shiny appearance at the T-zone (forehead, nose and chin) due to excess production of sebum. People in this group need to steam their faces at least once a week, or purify twice a day using products designed for oily skin.



If you answered more C’s, your skin is the combination type. In oily/normal combination, the T-zone is oily while the rest of the face is comfortable. In dry/normal, the T-zone may be normal but dry patches appear on the cheeks. Members of this group have to keep moisturizing the dry parts and controlling sebum production in the oily parts.

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After talking the skin-type test, I found out my skin type is oily because my forehead and nose are always shinny when I don’t apply my powder foundation. However, I always control the oil production by steaming my face regularly.


So what’s your skin type and how do you work around it to make you stay comfortable all day long? I’d be glad to hear from you;


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