Straight From Your Dermatologist! Top-5 Skin Care Tips.

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There are things your dermatologist wishes you could stop doing to your skin, and there are those he wishes you could do instead.

By following the 5 recommendations below, you could make not only your dermatologist happier, but also your skin. The impact would be noticeable when you start developing a younger and more glowing look within a short time.


1.No make-up in bed -Never ever sleep with your make up on. Remove your make up carefully at the end of the day using a soft cloth, sponge or cotton ball.

2.  Moisturize and keep hydrated – Use moisturizing soap and warm water (avoid hot water) to avoid skin dryness. Moisturize after morning shower and drink lots of water during the day to stay hydrated.

3. No smoking – Quit smoking! It dehydrates your skin.

4. Vitamins and antioxidants – You are what you eat. Eat a balanced diet rich in vitamins and antioxidants (fruits and vegetables) which keep your skin young and glowing.

5. Creams – Avoid skin-lightening creams unless under the supervision of a professional dermatologist. Consult your nearest dermatologist in case of ailments such as acne and eczema. In such conditions, avoid trying out over-the-counter cosmetics without professional advice.

Now you know that the things you need to regulate for the sake of a more lively skin include your make-up, creams, tobacco, moisturizer, water, vitamins and anti-oxidants.

You could also consider incorporating lemon into your skin-care routine. Read here the top-10 health benefits of lemon


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