Flexibility Stretch Challenge.

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Hello fans, hope you are doing as awesome as I have been. So this weekend, I decided to take a twist and find out just how flexible I am by taking this flexibility stretch challenge.

Yeah I know I am physically fit (not 100% though),and I know you are too, or working towards it (I assume that’s why you’re on this blog) but this time I wanted to know just how much I can twist, turn and bend this wait, these arms, these legs, these shoulders, these knees and this neck.

So I took this flexibility challenge. Scroll down for the pics.

But before you take this flexibility stretch challenge, do you know some of the health benefits of keeping flexible? If yes, good! If no, I’m going to tell you;

  1. First of all, the freedom of being able to stretch and bend your body freely, anyhow you want , feels more awesome than a hot cup of coffee on a freezing Sunday morning.
  2. Being flexible also educes your chances of experiencing body aches, pains, and injuries.
  3. Helps you get rid of fatigue by keeping your muscles active.
  4. Keeps your heart healthy by minimizing arterial stiffening (Thus, reduces chances of stroke and heart attack).
  5. Flexible muscles make it easy for you to move around, keeping you more physically active.


And so….I suggest you take the same challenge, even if you are a beginner. Remember to take it slow though, lest you break you waits/neck into two.

Scroll down for the pics and try to pull these simple flexibility moves.

All you need is some free space and a soft mat for your landing, right at the comfort of your home.




Straight-up leg raise

Straight-up leg raise


Flexible waist bend

Flexible waist bend

Flexibility stretch challenge

Yoga Flex

Waist-bend + leg stretch-out

Waist-bend with leg stretch-out

Waist bend plus chair-comfort leg position

Waist bend with chair-comfort leg position



Wall-stand with bended knees

Wall-stand with bended knees

Wall-stand with one bended knee

Wall-stand with one bended knee

180 degrees (kinda) stretch

180 degrees (kinda) stretch

And so in your daily/weekly workout routine, consider allocating some time for flexibility training so as to achieve the above health benefits AND just to keep you HAPPY all the way, right?

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  1. katrina Post author

    I know there are people out there who are even way more flexible than this. Get in touch with me (through my contact page) if you are one and let’s do the magic. Cheers!


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