Food Seduction and How to Break It.

Food seduction


New research has shown that the growing obsession with images of ‘sinfully seductive’ dishes contributes to you feeling hungrier than normal, hence over-eating or over-spending on foodstuff you didn’t really need. This has been defined as food seduction and you fall victim more often than you can recognize.

Call it an image-induced obscene appetite. Yes, just like the sexual kind that’s induced by watching pornographic images or films, huh?

food seduction

food seduction

Food seduction happens everyday. Just that we never notice we are actually lusting until we are abnormally craving the kind of food we just see on T.V adverts, on a friend’s instagram, on Pinterest, on food magazines, or on a food website. However, this research points out that people who are overweight or on diet, especially those trying to lose weight, are more victims of food seduction than those who are on normal diet.

Nonetheless, everyone is prone to fall victim.

Food images are apparently gaining more likes and shares on social media than fashion and style photos.

Fleshy chicken!

Fleshy chicken!

Cameras are intentionally flipped to portray the seductive aspects e.g butter dripping down the yummy ice-cream, honey-glazed pork falling off the bone, bits of strawberry and raisins peeping out of a freshly baked cake.

It is these seductive aspects of such images that trigger an emotional and physical hunger response which makes us want to eat that food so bad, we can’t help but go shopping for it.


And So What?

You’re probably wondering what’s wrong with admiring food photos and wanting to eat the same food so bad!

Well, let’s get this right; most of the foods portrayed in such attractive manner nine out of ten times belong to the unhealthy class. They are those full of raw sugar (e.g cakes dripping with icing sugar), too many calories, and too much unhealthy fats/cholesterol (e.g grilled beef) which are the pre-requisite for cardiovascular diseases such as heart attack, high blood pressure and stroke.

These seductive foods are also not healthy for the diabetics.

Creamy chocolate cup-cakes

Creamy-chocolate Cup-cakes

How many times do you find yourself clicking and drooling on seductive, attractive, hard-to-resist food photos on Instagram? And one hour later you just can’t get the images off your mind, and your appetite now wants that food so ‘freacking’ bad? You’re trapped in food porn!!Yes sweetheart, you are!


 How to Break the Chains

Avoiding food seduction doesn’t mean blocking every friend that shares tempting food photos on instagram. You can flip the effects around by doing certain activities especially if you are on diet and such photos make you fall every now and then;

The creamy-seduction

The creamy-seduction

  1. Seek out healthier foods on your online searches. You’d rather be tricked into taking something that’s healthier.
  2. Regular physical activity such as cycling, jogging, aerobics, cardio e.t.c weakens your brain’s response to food.
  3. Get enough sleep. The hunger pangs of a sleep-deprived person are more easily stimulated than those of someone who gets enough sleep. Stop lurking on Facebook and Instagram when you’re supposed to be getting your 8-hour sleep.
  4. Use those cravings as inspiration to get busy in the kitchen. Trust me when you prepare these foods alone you’ll eat very minimal portions compared to if you went shopping for them. Research shows that people who cook have a healthier relationship with food than those who keep buying and buying.


While the wise folks say “a picture is worth a thousand words”, I say a picture is worth a thousand Kilojoules.”




Click at you own risk!!!

And now I’m sitting here thinking….”what if those who put up these seductive food photos could just consider giving us a simple warning just so we know the worst possible consequences of drooling over these pics? Such warnings as;-

  • PG Rated! (Parental guidance is advised for sweet-mouthed viewers)
  • Viewers with weak hearts should take caution!
  • Not suitable for sensitive viewers!
  • May contain scenes unsuitable for the dieter!
  • High level emotional control is recommended!

Maybe then we would take the necessary precautions and avoid falling victims of food pornography, right? Right!

Food seduction



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