10 Reasons Why You Can’t Lose Weight Yet.

Lose weight fast



 Your gym instructor has probably given you a thousand weight-loss tips, your friends have advised you to follow their footsteps, and google has already to told you a million ways to lose weight. However, after all is told and read, your ability to lose weight still boils down to YOU; Your EATING HABITS, your WORKOUT ROUTINE and your DAILY LIFESTYLE.

Here are 10 reasons why you haven’t succeeded in losing weight no matter how hard you’ve tried, plus recommended solutions;

  1. You’re physically inactive

You most probably spend the longest hours of your days stuck at your office desk or on the couch glued to the television. This is the number one habit that’s causing you unnecessary fat deposits especially along the waist and preventing you from shedding the extra weight.


Stop being a couch potato!

To lose weight, you have to be more physically active, at least 1/24 hours in a day

Physical activities that can help you lose weight include aerobics and simple cardio workouts such as running, swimming, cycling, jogging or simply walking.

It doesn’t always have to be outdoors all the time! There are cardio workouts that you can do at the comfort of your home.

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  1. You’re still high on junk (your diet is still wanting)

French fries (chips), cakes, cookies, biscuits, ice cream, pizza, crisps, buggers, and every other junk! All these are still your best of friends, right?

Junk food

Cut the junk!

I call them sweet poison. They’re very sweet to the taste, yet very harmful to the body. These foods are packed with unhealthy fats, refined wheat and processed sugars which hinder your weight loss process.

As long as you remain friends, you may as well forget about ever losing weight. Make a choice.

  1. Water is your enemy

Water is tasteless I know! Very, very tasteless and boring. But you have to love it, no shortcut!


Drink lots of water

To make your weight loss journey more effective, make a habit of taking at least 2 litters of water a day. Water tends to suppress your appetite and fills up your stomach, leaving little room for overeating. It makes you get the “I am full” feeling very fast during meals.

Maybe you should consider squeezing a lemon into your water to give it some taste.


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  1. You’re skipping meals

This is apparently the most common, yet worst assumption of losing weight. Many people assume that by skipping meals, they give their body time to completely use up the food they’ve taken together with the stored fat.

What you should know is that your body is way, way smarter than that!

Instead, this is what happens when you skip meals: Your digestive system sends a signal to the brain saying “I am starving,” to which the body responds by slowing down its metabolism. If the starving prolongs, your body turns to start using up stored MUSCLE TISSUE rather than the fat tissues, thus the fat tissues claim even more territory.

Results? You end up adding more weight.

Stop skipping meals to lose weight faster. Ensure you take your breakfast, lunch, as well as a good dinner.

  1. You’re still high on processed sugars and starch


Unhealthy startch

Unhealthy Starch

High intake of starch and processed sugars such as those found in cakes, cookies, pastries, white bread, ice creams, soda and fruit juices among others hinder your process of losing weight. This is because they stimulate production of insulin, the fat storage hormone.

High insulin stimulates the body to burn carbohydrates instead of fats.

Low insulin on the other hand stimulates the body to burn fats instead of carbohydrates.

Which one will you go for? Cakes, cookies and fruit juices, or rice, sweet potatoes and fresh fruits?

Healthy starch

Healthy starch

  1. You’re very low on veges

Vegetables should be your next best friends, after water.

This is because vegetable are high in fiber that keeps you full for long hours, giving your body time to digest food completely.

They are also packed with vitamins and complex carbohydrates which facilitate weight loss.

Take more fruits and vegetables

Try to incorporate at least one type of vegetable in every meal you take.

Such healthy vegetables include kales, cabbages, cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, spinach, and cucumber, among others.

  1. You don’t get enough sleep

Are you a chronic insomniac, or you work till late into the nights and get short hours of sleep? Few hours of sleep (less than 7 hours) could also cost you your weight loss.

Get enough sleep

Get enough sleep.

Little sleep stimulates hunger hormones, leading you to overeating.

Enough sleep on the other hand gives your body ample time to digest food and prevent excessive fat storage.

Adjust your sleeping time to get at least 7 hours bed rest everyday as this will help you lose weight faster.

  1. You’re orthorexic

Orthorexia is the common eating disorder that’s preventing people from controlling their diet and eating habits. Losing weight has therefore become a nightmare due to this eating disorder.



Orthorexia; Eating disorder

Are you a victim? Read ‘More about Orthorexia….to find out, and then make the recommended adjustments.

  1. Your workout is Inconsistent (De-motivated)

Consistency is the key to achieving accelerated fat loss goals.

If you workout on Monday, do nothing on Tuesday and Wednesday, then embark on working out again on Thursday, you’re as good as taking a ride.

Your workout times are a waste if you can’t be consistent enough until you start witnessing changes.


Workout consistently

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  1. You haven’t discovered the little secrets yet

There are some little secrets that will help shorten your weight loss journey.

These little secrets include

  • Adding chili pepper to your meals.
  • Taking a glass of warm lemon water before breakfast.
  •  Preparing your meals using ginger and garlic.
  • Skipping the morning coffee and taking this cocktail that helps burn calories instead!
Ready cocktail

The delicious weight loss cocktail

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Lemon aids weight loss.

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Take Home: Nutrition/diet alone wont work, neither will exercise alone. These two are lovers and have to go hand in hand. If you separate them, you as well separate yourself from your dream body size.

The first few days of this journey will definitely be overwhelming, but with time you’ll pick the momentum, adapt and start feeling positive and energetic.


Lose weight fast


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