5 Essentials of A Motivated Workout.

Workout motivation


How many times have you wanted to workout so bad but there’s a part of you that feels so lazy, so not motivated and so unwilling? Well, you’re not alone! Lack of motivation to workout (consistently) is a common problem in the world of fitness.

Some of the reasons why you can’t get to workout consistently may be;

  • Shyness/Self-consciousness
  • Lack of planning
  • Loneliness and boredom
  • Distractions from the surrounding environment
  • Limited time

So I decided to have a short interview with one resilient lady, Sharon Nemiso, who is never going to whine about working out any time soon. She loves her workout, and she enjoys it like it’s a big party!

I asked her about what makes her enjoy her workout time and what motivates her to do it even when she’d rather just lie on the couch and do her hot cup of coffee.

This is what she said; and you will want to steal a tip or two from her.

Gym motivation
Sharon at the Gym


       “I believe in ‘look good feel good’. I love challenges…if it doesn’t suck I don’t do it. I do it for my son…I want him to look at me and see strength, resilience and possibility so that one day he would    never say ‘I can’t do it.’

  “My motivation is my scale. Nothing beats the feeling of seeing pounds going away, abs forming and    ass growing. It’s possible to have a baby and almost immediately snatch back your sexy pre-baby body.

       “I try to look good in and out and if I’m stressed I channel it out through work outs anywhere I’m at. Squats, jumping, jacks…the endorphins I get after help me relax big time!

      “I’m not where I want to be in terms of fitness but I’m proud of where I am so far…love begins with loving yourself .

     “What makes me enjoy my workout most is music. I play my music and by the time I’m done, I don’t realize how much I’ve done.

Music takes my mind from concentrating on the pain my body is feeling”

Just the way she puts it, in order to be motivated enough, you have to ENJOY what you do, boost your CONFIDENCE levels and stop seeing exercise as ‘work’ but as ‘FUN.


So, how can you make sure you literally ‘can’t wait’ to work-out?

  1. Have a Workout Plan

“Failing to plain is planning to fail,” such a boring cliché right? Well, that’s just the simple truth about staying motivated

Planning and being organized makes you feel more in control, thus improving your performance.

Stop being chaotic with your workout.

Challenge yourself to keep motivated

Challenge yourself to keep motivated


Ask your gym instructor for your workout-plan so that you know exactly what exercises you are going to do even before you walk in.

With a well drawn workout plan, you’ll know whether you’re there to shape-up that butt, strengthen your arms, or to burn-out the annoying love handles.


  1. Find a Friend

Sometimes, loneliness might just be the demon that’s eating you up. Find a friend/colleague/spouse with the same interests as you and motivate each other against giving up.

Tyrone Brenand, the founder of ‘Be the Fittest’ says,

“Sometimes being alone can be quite intimidating, but training with a friend gives you more confidence.”

I couldn’t agree more.


  1. Pump up Your Playlist

Music is powerful, and so does it empower us. This is simply the reason why aerobics is my favorite workout routine. It’s actually the music!

Sharon also says,

           “What makes me enjoy my workout most is music. I play my music and by the time I’m done, I don’t realize how much I’ve done. Music takes my mind from concentrating on the pain my body is feeling”

Next time you’re going on that evening run, hiking, hitting the treadmill or even lifting the weights, pump up your playlist with your favorite music and put on your earphones. Then watch yourself hitting your goals with very minimal distractions.

Music keeps you motivated, makes you forget the world around and lets you focus on just YOU!


  1. Decent Gym Outfit

Hey! Please do me a favor by not wearing those old T-shirts and sleeping tracks to the gym. It’s plain demoralizing as well as demotivating.

What you put on while working out goes a long way in determining your motivation and  confidence levels, and dragging it down is what those old t-shirts do.

Look decent at the Gym.

Don’t hesitate to invest in sexy and decent gym outfits that boost your confidence and make you workout with more comfort.

Just don’t make them too tight or too bright.


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5. Mix Up Activities

You’re probably boring yourself doing the same thing day in day out and then you start whining about how you don’t feel motivated enough to work out.

Diversify! Avoid monotony! Mix up activities!

Mixing up activities keeps you motivated

Mixing up activities keeps you motivated

There’s a whole bucket full of activities out there that you can do to enjoy your workout time.

  • Take a walk or jog
  • Go swimming
  • Go hiking,
  • Ride a bike,
  • Play ball games,
  • Dance,
  • Do aerobics, cardio or yoga,
  • Spin the hoola-hoop,
  • Lift weights,
  • Sprint,
  • Or simply do indoor stretches, crunches, planks and pushup.

These 5 fail-proof tips will go a long way in helping you beat the confidence demons, keep you motivated and see you through achieving your fitness goals this year.

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