NTV’s Janet Kanini Succumbs to Lung Cancer!

Lovely Janet



Hearts are broken once again! Young, beautiful and innocent souls are left motherless in a world where nothing can take the place of a mother’s love! A world where ‘unconditional love’ seemingly comes from only a supernatural being (God) and a mother (parent).

Tears once again as the merciless cancer robs us of a beautiful soul, a great woman, a great mother, a wife, a society influencer, health ambassador and above all, a fighter!

Janet Kanini, former NTV presenter finally succumbed to Lung Cancer after having a long fight where doctors even declared her healed in February 2016.

Janet is a true epitome of a strong woman having stayed positive through all the chemotherapy sessions which proved successful until the cancer attack re-occurred and swept her away.

She left us a very emotional message before she passed on…

I believe she stayed strong not only for her family, her two young kids, and her hubby, but also for other cancer patients and for the society at large.

Even when dealing with her own pains and mysteries of cancer, Janet gave hope to many cancer patients and encouraged them never to let cancer steal their joy and hope for a longer life ahead. She lit the world with her lively smile, her jovial nature and her undying zest for life.

Janet once said:

Even when you don’t get a miracle, you can be a miracle. Prepare yourself for the kingdom and inspire others. Don’t let cancer steal your joy.”

Janet and Lovely kids

Janet and Her Lovely Kids

“We loved you Janet, the mark you’ve left behind is legendary and the void no one can fill. You fought a good fight, but I guess God loved you even much more and He needed you to have peace in a better place.

Rest in eternal peace till we meet again, dear mama.”



Several people have been made to believe that only smoking tobacco is associated with lung cancer.

As much as it’s true, there are also other causes aside from smoking which everyone who cares for their health should be aware of. Some of the causes of lung cancer aside from direct smoking include:

  1. Passive smoking – You may not be a direct smoker, but staying around smokers and inhaling the cigar smoke unintentionally exposes you to risks of lung cancer.

How about striving to make your home, office, room, or car a tobacco-free zone? You could save a life!

  1. Diet – Diet that’s rich in unhealthy carbohydrates which rapidly raise your blood sugar. They raise the levels of insulin-like growth factors which cause rapid growth of cancer cells. Such foods include white bread, processed sugars (e.g in cakes, cookies and biscuits), GMOs, microwave-warmed food, roast meat, fries e.t.c
  1. Polluted Air – Polluted air, dust, smoke and inhaling exhaust gases also increase the risks of lung cancer.
  1. Genetic make-up – Unfortunately, there is little we can do about this genetic factor. Some people have their DNA mutated in such a way that their bodies have very little ability to detoxify (eliminate the chemicals that cause lung cancer from the body).

Such people are therefore more prone to cancer attacks…naturally!

Lung cancer may not be easily detected until it has done some significant damage.

For instance, doctors initially thought what Janet was suffering from was Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) until later when they discovered she had actually reached stage 4 lung cancer……..I guess this was a bit too late!

Therefore some EARLY SIGNS to look up for include:-

  • Chronic coughing (Cough that doesn’t go away)
  • Bloody cough
  • Chest pains while coughing
  • Short breath
  • Wheezy breathing (whistling sound)
  • Recurrent respiratory attacks such as pneumonia

If you see the above red-lights, visit a doctor and ask for a CHEST X-RAY. You may save yourself the hustle of expensive chemotherapy sessions if your lung cancer is identified at an earlier stage.



How Cancer cells start growing in the Lungs

I wish you good health and God’s protection from such merciless robbers.

QUICK FACT: National Health Statistics have reported that cancer claims an estimate 28,000 lives of Kenyans each single year! Too big a number!



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Here is the emotional message Janet left before she passed on..



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