The 4-Ingredient Cocktail that’s Purely Infection-proof!



There are those days when I wake up early in the morning and I neither fell like taking coffee, nor the normal cup of milk tea I’m used to. Call it ‘mood swings’ or ‘appetite swings’ for that matter. This is when I pop into my kitchen and dig into my simple Lemon- Ginger-Tea-Honey/Sugar cocktail recipe.

This cocktail fixes everything up for me on such gloomy mornings and then I get to kick-start my day with some extraordinary energy that somehow got drained while I was being chased by an ogre in my dreams ((<<smiley>>))

I first got introduced to this cocktail by a friend when I was suffering from hemorrhoids and I needed something to ease my digestion. Guess what? It never disappointed!


Lemon-Ginger-Tea-Honey/Sugar Cocktail Recipe


  1. 1 Freshly cut lemon fruit
  2. 1 bulb of fresh ginger
  3. Or 1 teaspoon-full ginger powder
  4. ½ teaspoon-full tea
  5. Or 1 tea bag
  6. 2 teaspoons-full honey
  7. Or 1 teaspoon-full sugar
  8. 1-2 cups of clean water

*** I didn’t have honey in my case, so I simply used sugar.

All ingredients

This is all you need: Lemon, Tea, Ginger bulbs/ginger powder, sugar/Honey

Let’s face it; the end result is always superior when you use FRESH ingredients i.e. fresh lemon, fresh ginger and non-stale honey.


  1. Teaspoons
  2. Knife
  3. Chopping board
  4. Grater
  5. Cooking pot/ ‘Sufuria’
  6. Sieve
  7. 2 cups
  8. Heating source

I’m hoping you have all these with you already.


  1. Start by thoroughly washing your lemon fruit and ginger bulb using clean water

2. Cut your lemon into two halves, then squeeze the lemon juice into an empty clean cup (to get more juice out of lemon, press against a hard surface with your palm and roll for a few minutes before cutting)

3. Do not throw away the left-over pulp after squeezing lemon juice out of it.

4. Use a chopping board to chop the left-over pulp into small-small pieces.

Lemon pulp

Chop the left over lemon pulp

5. Peel off your ginger bulbs and then grate into small flakes.

Grayed ginger

Grated Ginger

6. Pour your 1-2 cups of water (according to the level of concentration you need your cocktail to be) into your cooking pot and heat.

7. As the water gets warm, add your grated ginger together with the chopped pieces of lemon pulp. If you’re using ginger powder, this is still the time to add it.

Lemon and ginger added

Lemon and ginger added to heating water.

8. Leave this mixture to boil for 2-3 minutes.

9. Add your ½ teaspoon-full tea into it and leave to boil for another 2 minutes. (You will notice the colour change into brownish and an additional sweet aroma)

10. Remove from the heating source and sieve into the cup where you squeezed your lemon juice.

11. Add your 2 teaspoons-full honey, or otherwise, 1 teaspoon-full sugar. Stir to mix thoroughly. 

Ready cocktail

Ready to Enjoy!

            Hurraaaay!!……… Just like that and your cocktail is ready!!!!

Now sit down, relax and enjoy your sweet, aromatic, breath-taking cocktail! You can do this with some snack such as a piece of cake, cookies or biscuits.

If you made an excess, pour into a plastic container, cover nicely using cling-film and refrigerate for later use.

In the freezer

Refrigerate the excess.

Out of all the drinks I have tasted so far, nothing still surpasses the simultaneous ‘hot-sweet-bitter-sour’ I get from my favorite cocktail prepared right at the comfort of my  kitchen.


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But Why Lemon, Ginger, Tea and Honey?

It’s clearly evident that the reason why I really enjoy this drink is due to its incredible taste, aroma and ‘hot’ sensation. However the real reason why I love taking it is because of its extensive health benefits;


Aside from giving my cocktail its sour taste and sweet aroma, lemon has a number of health benefits including;


  • Aids in digestion
  • Boosts your immune system
  • Helps detoxify your body
  • Keeps your skin young and glowing, gets rid of acne, blackheads and persistent scars
  • Enhances weight loss….and many more…..

Here are the Top-10 health benefits of lemon…


It is the source of the ‘hot’ sensation you’ll feel while enjoying your cocktail, and without it, trust me your cocktail is ‘null and void!


Ginger bulbs

  • Thanks to its active compound, Gingerol, ginger is a powerful anti-inflammatory as well as anti-oxidant (alleviates body inflammations and prevent cell damage by oxidation, keeping you young)
  • Works strongly against nausea, alleviating morning sickness. Good news to anticipating moms!!!
  • Relieves indigestion and stomach discomfort (just like lemon)
  • Lowers levels of ‘bad cholesterol’ (LDL) which causes heart diseases


Tea is what gives my cocktail its sweet aroma and the minty taste. But what health benefits does it add?


  • Just like lemon and ginger, tea is an anti-oxidant (keeps you young, lowers cancer risks)
  • Lowers risk of heart diseases and stroke (Lowers LDL)
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Alleviates symptoms for Type 2 diabetics


Honey is a sweetener, just like sugar, but it doesn’t end at that. It also has a number of health benefits;


Nothing is sweeter than honey!

  • Alleviates gastrointestinal disorders such as Ulcers
  • Soothes cough and soar throat
  • Controls blood sugar level (Diabetics are advised to always use honey instead of sugar)
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Also an anti-oxidant

This cocktail can also help you lose belly fat and get that flat tummy you covet….!

Me enjoying

Me enjoying my cocktail

Now go make your cup of lemon-ginger-honey-tea cocktail and taste the feeling!


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