Severe Health Crisis! The Longest Kenyan Doctors’ Strike Ever!(2017)

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The abnormally prolonged doctors’ strike in Kenya (over 3 months now) has paralyzed the healthcare sector so much that everyone wishes it could end already. The strike has affected both doctors, patients as well as every single citizen in one way or another.

Hospital beds are empty not because there are no patients to lie on them, but because the environment is full of nothing but utter hopelessness.

Visit any public hospital and all that meet your eyes are empty wards, with only a few nurses to attend to a bunch of outgoing patients.

But who’s to blame? Definitely not them! Why? Because there’s no bloody way a nurse will effectively treat a patient without the doctors’ presence.


Empty beds that belong to Cancer Patients.


This unpleasant state of affairs comes at a very critical moment when the country is looking forward to electing new leaders come August 2017. The most surprising thing is that registering to be a voter is the most critical ‘emergency’ that the leaders we so cherish can attend to. Meanwhile, the same politicians who go begging for our votes don’t seem to find a great deal in the national health crisis.

News comes to our TV’s, radios and social media everyday about how patients are suffering.

A child is dying of pain right in the hands of his helpless mother while another expectant mother gives birth right at the hospital gate. The lives of both the mother and the baby are clearly at an unfathomable risk.

Accident victims have to spend nights with their open wounds unattended to while a poor cancer patient is writhing in pain. Why? His/her chemo and radio-therapeutic sessions were prematurely cut short for the absence of a qualified doctor.

Furthermore, the death toll has now hit over 300 since the strike began, a loss that is irreversible as well as irreplaceable.

Our government officials are obviously affected the least because they have all the money to fly to India to be treated by a Dr. Patel while citizens of the lower economic status have to wait for Dr. Otieno to finish striking and come treat them.


Doctors: “It’s the Ministry of Health Striking!”

If only the female anopheles mosquito was aware that Dr. Otieno is on strike and take a break from biting the average and poor citizen. I wish Salmonella typhi, Rota virus, Vibrio cholerae , Influenza, and all the other bacteria and viruses that make us sick knew this is the worst time to attack an average Kenyan!

Or maybe, if all of us could afford flying to India to be treated by Dr. Patel, then things would sound much better.

How many corruption scandals have seen billions stuffed into the pockets of a few individuals while millions of Kenyans continue to suffer in poverty, joblessness and now lack of medical care? Several, one being the NYS mega-scandal!

What hope is there left for humanity in our country?

If only our leaders were sober enough to handle our country’s resources with diligence and non-hypocritical development-oriented minds. Maybe then, our beloved doctors would be busy doing what they’re meant to do (providing Kenyans with the much needed medical care) and not wasting their precious time on fruitless protests.

But how can a country where citizens’ taxes end up in the pockets of a few individuals  manage to pay these professionals.

The demon that’s eating into the fabric of our motherland is nothing but greed and corruption.


On the other hand, what if we stopped burying our heads in the sand and stopped putting all the blame on our government?


KMPDU Officials

Up to now, it’s crystal clear that the government is not willing to pay what our doctors are demanding and so what next? Are they going to strike forever and continue leaving our people for the dead?

I apologize to call this a breach of ethical standards with reference to the doctors’ oath in which they recognize their ethical and moral obligations to the society and promise to protect the life of the patient.

Don’t you think the government and the doctors are only having some egotistic rivalry? I think so because apparently none of them is willing to put down their ego to negotiate and agree on fair grounds.

However, since efforts to come to a consensus have now proven futile, at the end of the day one party will have to relent and swallow the bitter pill. The government will either have to sacrifice and pay the doctors what they deserve, or the doctors will get tired of striking and go back to work.

For now, a common citizen like me can only sit back, watch and pray that bacteria and viruses become sick and die!


Final word to both parties:

You cannot have your cake and eat it at the same time!! For a moment, we beg you to put personal interests aside and have little mercy for the dying Kenyan!

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