The Magic Pyramid of a Happier, Ageless You!

magyc pyramid


I remember back in my teenage days when birthdays would come with an overwhelming, exciting feeling of being a year older, adding one more year into my basket of bragging rights and giving me more confidence to say “I’m a big girl”

This phrase was, is and will always remain some kind of a lame reason to break family rules, to evade some responsibilities and to do things meant for ‘Big Girls’ (like hanging out with boys of course!)

Then I hit my 20s and things suddenly changed. The feeling that came with birthdays changed from exciting to somehow fearful. But soon, I realized the world itself is aging even more rapidly than we, the occupants are.

Most people fear growing old. Though not everyone shows it, that gut-wrenching feeling finds a way of creeping in from time to time whether we welcome it or not.

Don’t you think maybe the fear of growing old is because of the things we will not have done in our younger days, the dreams we will not have accomplished, the places we will not have traveled, the relationships (and marriages) we will not have made work, and the life we will not have lived?

I personally think that’s the whole essence behind the “Growing Old Syndrome.”

In order to live life like an ageless chap in this rapidly aging world, there’s need to remain young and rejuvenated in the four major areas of our well-being: spiritually, mentally, emotionally and lastly physically.

I call this the ‘MAGIC PYRAMID’ and it’s as simple as this:


The Magic Pyramid of Staying Young and Happy.

Let this magic pyramid help you live young, wild and free everyday, getting the best out of yourself and letting go of the things that are out of your control.

Life gets messy and crappy at times. Many times it even loses meaning. I’ve been there, not once, not twice, several times! But you know what? This supernatural being called God always has an untold way of fixing things for us no matter how messy they may seem. So, just learn to trust Him, do your best and then LET GO!!

So, even as you workout your way to physical fitness, always have the elements of this magic pyramid in mind for your overall well-being and happiness.

#Worry less, pray more and smile often!


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