5 Hobbies That Make You Mentally Smarter (Science Proven)

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Scientists have identified 5 hobbies that enhance the functioning of the brain, making you more intelligent and mentally smarter.

“The richest place on this earth is the GRAVE because it harbors plenty of unexploited potential, talents that were never discovered, or talents that were discovered but not fully utilized.” 

                                                                  ~ Myles Monroe~


Several people are only smart at their work place and that’s the end of it. But did you know that your everyday job routine may not be able to make you smarter due to its monotonous nature?

These 5 hobbies on the other hand, will make you relax, relieve you tension and grow your mind by creating new and smarter neural pathways.


  1. Reading.

My number one hobby! I can’t say enough of this coz I never get enough of it. The benefits of reading are beyond measure.

Apart from increasing your knowledge and improving your I.Q, reading also improves your problem solving skills, gives you better managerial skills and makes you the go-to person in the office for uncommon information.


Reading makes you mentally smarter.

Reading relieves you tension and stress, and positively impacts the way you feel about yourself.

I LOVE reading! I read literally anything readable that I can lay my hand on, from motivational books, novels, online articles, magazines and even bed-time stories.

My top 10 best books so far include:-

  1. Rich Dad Poor Dad   by  Robert Kyosaki
  2. Rich Dad’s Guide to Investing  by  Robert Kyosaki
  3. Why the Rich continue being Rich   by  Robert Kyosaki
  4. Rich Dad’s Cashflow Quadrant by Robert Kyosaki.
  5. Never Eat alone   by  Keith Ferrazi
  6. The Richest Man in Babylon    by  George S. Clason
  7. Audacity of Hope   by   Barrack Obama
  8. If Tomorrow Comes   by   Sydney Sheldon
  9. Memoirs of a Geisha   by   Arthur Golden
  10. The Great Gatsby by Nick Fitzgerald.

It goes without saying that Robert Kyosaki is my favorite author (Because I’m an entrepreneur). Who’s yours favorite author?

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  1. Playing Games.

When was the last time you played a simple indoor or outdoor game? Be it a video game, board game, on-paper game, football or any other game. Some games can be played whether you are alone or with a friend.

Certain mind-challenging games such as chess, draft, scrabble (my favorite), video games, word puzzles and Sudoku increase the ability of your brain to re-organize and see things from different perspectives.


Play scrabble, word puzzles and other games for a smarter brain.

They improve your cognitive ability, your ability to understand CAUSE and EFFECT, and just like reading, makes you a better problem solver.

Play more games during your free time with your friends, your bae, or even your kids to make you less prone to stress, depression and anxiety

  1. Playing Musical Instruments.

From guitar, to piano, to flute, to saxophone, to drums, to violin, to any musical instrument you know. These things work real magic to the brain.

Go to a kindergarten/primary school and find a kid who plays a musical instrument, ask him questions and compare his response to his non-musical fellows. You’ll clearly see how his intelligence is way above the others.

Research has proven that musical instruments improve your I.Q by strengthening the corpus callosum, thus creating more and smarter neural pathways within your brain.

No matter how fast you age, playing musical instruments keeps your brain active, smart and fast like that of a youth. It also improves your memory and relieves you tension and stress.


Evans, my favorite Guitarist with his team.

  1. Frequent low-key Workouts.

It is healthier to do frequent light workouts to relax your brain than once-in-a-while hard workouts.

Such low-key workouts that you can do whenever you feel bored include; 30min-1 hour walk down a quiet street, slightly jogging around your compound, running slowly up and down the stairs, swimming, or in-house aerobics.


Take a walk or a slight jog to relax your brain.

Regular exercise help increase your concentration span, your memory and your focus, thus making you more effective at work.

Make it a habit to exercise regularly for better mental health.

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  1. Writing

Apart from helping you organize your thoughts, ideas and providing a channel for people to understand you better, writing also helps boost your brain’s creativity.

Collecting different thoughts and putting them together in an article helps improve your brain’s neuroplasticity (its ability to re-organize itself), thus improving your focus.


Put your thoughts down on paper

Next time you find yourself exhausted with a lot bagging your mind, just relax and put it down on your diary, your social media profile (if it’s not too personal), or as well write it on your personal journal (could be your blog)

The relief you get from penning down your thoughts will make you even more emotionally stable.


Hobbies make your brains sharp!

Which activity do you do to make your brains smarter?


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