8 Calorie-dense Foods to Help you Gain Weight (Faster!)


So you’ve sworn by the moon and the stars that you will follow the 7 fail-proof habits of gaining weight to the letter but you’re still asking yourself, “They always say I should eat more to gain weight, but what is that I should eat more of?”

Don’t fret. This post is just for you and you’re puzzles will be solved even before you blink twice.

The weight-gain foods we’re discussing below are those you can readily access from your local groceries so you won’t have to board a plane to Egypt to look for them (<<smiley>>)

  1. Eggs
Eat more eggs

Eat more eggs

Never let anyone deceive you that the egg-yolk is not healthy. As a matter of fact, it contains most of the nutrients (especially fats) you need to grow bigger. Eat the WHOLE egg! (Egg-white + yolk) Even the shell if you can (on a light note)

Eat 2-3 eggs each day for a good quantity of proteins and healthy fats if you are in need of that extra kilo.Boiled eggs for breakfast, omelet or egg sandwich will kick-start your day just fine.


  1. Red Meat (Fatty Steak)
Beef helps you build lean weight

Beef helps you build lean weight

Next time you go buying meat, consider asking the butcher to cut you the fatty steak.The fat is much more natural and healthier than the cooking fat itself.

The fatty steak is high in calories and proteins that help your body build up lean muscle.You could also consider taking sausages/smokies for breakfast, beef samosa or beef brawn sandwich.


  1. Fish

Fish is known to be a good source of healthy fats and proteins that help in weight gain.

Eat more fish to gain weight

Eat more fish to gain weight

Their high nutritional value comes from the fact that they are rich in Omega-3-fatty acids which enhance the process of building muscles.


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  1. Fleshy Fruits (Pawpaw, Bananas, Avocadoes)

Cut up these fruits to make fruits salads or blend them for some tasty smoothie and take it 30 minutes before your main meal. They help boost your appetite so you can eat more food Remember the rule of boosting your appetite in the 7 habits of gaining weight? There we go again.

Avocadoes are especially full of calories and healthy fats that help in the weight gain process.

You can add in avocado to spice up your githeri, rice or vegetable, or try my ‘weird’ style of using blended avocado as ‘margarine’ on my slices of bread. Just remember to add a little sugar into the blended avocado for a sweeter taste.


  1. Whole Milk

There is definitely no ‘wholer’ (if such a word exists) food on the face of this earth than milk. If you take a glass of milk, you have just acquired every nutrient your body needs (Both macro and micro)

Milk is good for adding weight.

Milk helps you add weight.

Milk contains the best balance of proteins, carbohydrates and fats, as well as vitamins and minerals for healthy growth. No doubt this is why milk is the most recommended food for infants.

To boost your mass gain, take a glass of milk AFTER your meals and remember never to remove the milk cream. You can also take one glass before a simple workout session and one after.

Thank me later (with gifts, ya’ll!!)


  1. Nuts and Natural Nut Butter

Groundnuts, cashew nuts, almonds, macadamia and any other nuts you know……..

They are all high in calories, proteins and natural fats. They also contain a good amount of fiber that bulk up your diet.

Take more nuts

Take more nuts

Add a handful of nuts to your meal especially breakfast, or use them as your 2-3 hour interval snacks to help keep your muscle building process going.

Nut butter is even better

Nut butter is even better for adding weight

Natural nut butters with no more extra sugar, oil or other ingredients added also provide lots of natural fats. Eat them up, add them to your salads and smoothies or apply on your slices of bread.

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  1. Margarine

Margarine is known for its benefits of keeping a healthy heart due to its high content of saturated fats. The saturated fats cut down the LDL (the bad cholesterol) that causes heart diseases.


Apart from keeping a healthy heart, adding margarine into your daily diet (or just breakfast) provides you with the extra calories you need to gain that extra weight.

I do recommend some moderation though, as long as your diet has a good amount of proteins in it.


  1. Dark chocolate

Eat more of dark chocolate because they are rich in high-energy sugars and excess calories that help you gain weight faster.


Dark chocolate will also help you gain some weight

The calories come from its high fat content and therefore you can opt to take one square of dark chocolate per day to get that extra kilo.


Take Home:

If you start today and include these 8 foods into your daily diet as well as religiously follow the     7 habits of gaining weight, you’re soon going to start gaining that extra booty you fancy

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