How to Gain Weight Faster – The 7 Fail-Proof Habits.



Gaining weight can prove to be just as difficult as losing weight. However, I decided to compile for you 7 fail-proof habits that if you adapt to, will help you gain that extra weight you desire (fast!)

You’re going to have to put in some effort though.


  1. Eat, Eat, and Eat More!

You’ve been told this several times and you think it’s such a cliché. Well, it’s just the ultimate secret and there is hardly any shortcut.

If you consume 300 calories each day, it’s time to add in another 300 calories to make it 600.

Boost your calorie intake to gain weight.

Boost your calorie intake to gain weight.

Double up your daily servings for every meal and remember to stick to calorie-dense foods such as proteins.


  1. No appetite? Then Build it up!

When I tell most of the people who are looking to gain weight that they have to eat more, the next answer is certainly always, “I don’t have the appetite” or “I feel hungry less often”.

Having appetite issues? Here are a few things you can do to boost it just before your mealtime:

  • Pre-meal exercise; Being physically active just before a meal makes you feel hungrier thus encouraging you to take more food. Try taking a 30 minute – 1 hour walk before dinner, a slight jog or a 10 minute run up and down the stairs to fasten your metabolism.
  • Spice up; most people tend to enjoy foods prepared by themselves than those made by others. Why not prepare your own meals and add in your favorite spices? (natural spices though) When your meals taste just the way you like them, you can easily double your servings and eat more.                                                                                                                                                            You could ‘steal’ my favorite spice here for a more natural and ‘hot’ taste.

Spice up for a more tasty meal.

  • No drinking while eating! Taking a glass of water, soda, milk, or any other fluid while eating makes you feel full faster thus limiting your capacity to eat more.


Avoid taking fluids while eating

Avoid taking fluids while eating.

Take a drink (like water) 10-15 minutes after finishing your meal


  1. Time your Eating and Eat Frequently

Aside from doubling up your daily servings, another basic rule for gaining weight is to avoid going for more than 4 hours without eating something.

As you eat more of your breakfast, lunch and dinner (never skipping any), take a snack in between, within intervals of 2-3 hours.

Such small snacks between meals helps to further boost your daily calorie intake.

Eat at regular intervals to gain weight

Eat at regular intervals to gain weight

On the contrary, staying hungry for more than 4 hours makes your body turn to using up the already stored body mass, thus hindering your weight gain process.

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  1. Eat Faster!

Get used to eating faster to clear your plate within the shortest time possible so as not to give your body the chance to digest the food as you eat.

When you eat slowly, digestion takes place in the process, making you feel full faster and it becomes impossible to clear your plate.


  1. Use a Bigger Plate

This is some kind of a mind game. It takes less mental effort to clear one large plate than two small plates.

Therefore, use a bigger plate to serve your meals and fill it up, then apply rule number 4 and take it down in the shortest time possible.

To gain weight, start eating on bigger plates (and fill them!)

To gain weight, start eating on bigger plates (and fill them!)

Is it not obvious that eating on bigger plates will help you consume more food?


  1. Take Late Dinner

Even if you get home from work feeling hungry, avoid taking an early dinner if you still got a lot to do before bed.Take a snack or something like a cup of tea and toast (with peanut butter/margarine), then wait and take your dinner at most 30 minutes before going to bed.

Alternatively, if you have to take an early dinner, at least take a snack just before going to bed.This gives your body nutrients and energy to build more muscle and lean tissue as you enjoy your beautiful sleep.

Avoid sleeping in an empty stomach by all means.


  1. Bulk Up your Diet

In order to gain weight in the shortest time possible, substitute your current diet with more calorie-dense foods.

Make proteins your closest friend because they are what helps your body build up lean weight.

Eat more proteins to gain weight.

Eat more proteins to gain weight.

Carbohydrates also give your body the energy it needs to build muscles.Basically, ensure every meal you take contains at least a protein, starch, vegetable and fats.

The more calorie dense foods you take, the faster you’ll see results.

Here are 8 calorie-dense foods that will get you started on gaining weight.



  • People who find it hard to gain weight no matter how much food they take tend to have a very fast metabolism. Such people therefore have to outsmart their metabolism by increasing their daily calorie intake.
  • If after trying all the above for a considerable period of time you still see no results, consider visiting a doctor for a prescription of protein supplements or multi-vitamins.
  • Adding weight is not building fats. Healthy weight is gained by building up lean muscle (by proteins) and not unnecessary fats.


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